• March 21, 2023
  • Updated 10:57 am

Write For Us

If you are talented and skilled enough to make your voice go loud among the rest of the world then you have landed to the right place. We are looking for the phenomenal writers who can write for us! If you would also like to submit a high quality article to our website then follow the guideline that are mentioned below.

Submission guidelines for the guest post:

  • An article should be of at least 500 words or more.
  • The article must be your authentic, genuine, and original work and should not be published anywhere before or after the publishing.
  • Make sure to send at least 1 image with the size of 1920px width and height 1080px.
  • Try to use maximum subheadings to encourage the readability of our readers.
  • Use of italic and bold font is also recommended to make the article more readable.
  • Adding 1 or 2 links from the same website in your article is highly recommended.
  • The niche of the article can be any including tourism, entertainment, adventure, education, technology, and sports except porn, gambling, bedding, and illegal stuff.
  • Make sure that the article is plagiarism-free and is not copied from any website.
  • Article would be published within 24 hours. When you have completed your article, send us your guest post article at contributeuae@gmail.com
  • Kindly note, do not contact us for the free guest post opportunities. Also, if your article has the links that lead to the business/commercial websites, then you would have to pay small one time publishing fee. Get in contact via email for the pricing package.

You can get in touch with the customer support of WHY UAE to share any of your query or issue. We are looking forward to receive your exceptional guest post article soon.