The Importance Of Book Publishing For CEOs

book publishing for ceos

The station is not very crowded. You are sitting alone, waiting for the train, with tired eyes. The next train is half an hour late, and you are wondering whether you should stay here or go for a snack. You get up and begin searching for a spot when a view catches your eye. The once-tired eyes are now gleaming with happiness. It is a bookstore! Let us find a new read; You think to yourself as your steps approach the store.

Entering the store, you quickly try to find the shelf of your favorite writer – Alice Walker. However, you come across a new shelf called CEOs in this process. What is happening? Since when did Book Publishing for CEOs become a thing? With muddled thoughts, you pick up a book called ‘Business @ the Speed of Thoughts’ by Bill Gates.

Before you knew it, you sat on the couch, captivated by the manuscript to the extent that you lost track of the time. The train had to whistle choo-choo to snap you back into reality. You realized it was time to go. You immediately stood up and ran towards the counter, screaming, ‘Unbelievable! I’m buying this.’

A New Vogue – Book Publishing For CEOs!

Chief Executive Officers, also known as the highest rank of the company, have evolved to be authors now. It is a little unconventional, but it has been happening for centuries now. Famous and successful people tend to write their experiences and pieces of advice in a manuscript. Then get it published, and out they go in the hands of the public.

Some volumes written by such idols are strictly business-related, whereas some are tips for winning in life. For example, ‘Taking People with You: The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen’ is a volume written in 2011 by David C. Novak. He is the former president and co-founder of YUM! He wrote about people skills and teamwork in his manuscript.

However, the question of why these CEOs need to become writers arises in the first place. What pushed them so hard that they embraced this profession? Is it their hobby or a side hustle? Let us figure it out together.

Sharing Experiences

Former CEOs like Robert Iger (Disney), Samuel Moore Walton (Walmart) and other book publishers in Dubai have written books at the peak of their careers. Through their work, they shared thoughts with the world and became trendsetters.

Their years of expertise, paired with how they see the world, are what the people wish to read. Yes, the public is forever curious about the insights. Thus, a volume that includes personal stories from the lives of such leaders helps the audience relate. In return, it increases the credibility of the author in the eyes of readers.

Personal Growth

As we know, they are executives with great wisdom. They will never strike a deal until there is something in it for their benefit. The same goes for publishing their works. It is not just about a hobby but more about a business deal.

Where they give from one hand and take from the other, let us explain when their scripts are printed and distributed. Not just the paperbacks but also their name is circulating in the market. This brings those leads and helps them in expanding their networks. For instance, a publication office may sign the author for his next volume. This is how relationships are built.

Words = Motivation!

If you think Book Publishing for CEOs is a piece of cake, then we must correct you that it is not. It is a detailed process to pen down a story of your life, and managing it along with business is a more challenging job.

However, some have managed to do it so that their message is put on show for society. Such leaders are the best at motivating others with their words; thus, their work is a true blessing, especially for the ones who understand its worth. These thought leaders are known for sharing their philosophy through their work to inspire the public.

Keep The Cash Coming

Moreover, the president or former president of businesses also chose to publish their work for some extra income. Do you remember that manuscript by Bill Gates discusses above? Why do you think he wrote it?

Of course, for an extra income stream. All the processes connected to the marketing and distribution of the scripts cost a lot of money. However, if done appropriately, they bring back double profits to the author, such as the book written by Robert, the former CEO of Disney. It was about his 15 years of experience at the company, probably to create a buzz in the market. Why else do you think the insights were shared?  

Wisdom In Heritage

Similarly, professional book marketing is a tough nut to crack, and perhaps that is why executives take this as a challenge. On the other hand, this trend of issuing a volume by business leaders may be a way of leaving behind their legacy. Apart from communicating their vision in their writing, the text is also their opinion without extortions. Clear and direct. Even the media is interested in their craft.

Words written by the corporate authors are proof of their identity as individuals. It tells great things about their thought process. Moreover, it also shows the public reality of their glittery lives.  

Why do CEOs read books?

A study at Harvard suggests that an average executive reads four volumes a month to stay informed of industry trends. In addition, reading helps them generate better ideas for growth.

What inspires CEOs to write and read books?

Originally, they are encouraged to read and write volumes because of their goals-driven nature. Their aim is success, and they do whatever it takes to be prosperous.

Why do successful people write books?

Successful people write because they have a lot to say. They have been through the toughest roads for winning in life, and their experiences are valuable reads for everyone.

What is the importance of a publication in a society?

Issuing and printing of manuscripts are necessary within a society to circulate the lessons learnt. Conversely, communication of perspectives, knowledge and aspirations is also necessary for motivation.

To Summarize…

Book Publishing for CEOs might be an alien concept to some, but it is indeed a selfless and exceptional act. Gathering years of expertise and experience under one roof is truly phenomenal. We sincerely appreciate this gesture of the executives.

We agree that the process of writing and printing must be a way of moneymaking or marketing for the authors. However, the way their personalities, achievements and perspectives inspire some people is commendable. We need more CEO-written books in school libraries to sculpt thoughts or our children in the right direction from a very young age. Hence, it is proved that books published by existing or earlier chief executive officers are highly important.

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