Expo Centre Sharjah 2024 Book Sale: What To Know As A Book Lover

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Expo Centre Sharjah 2024 Book Sale is definitely one of the world’s largest book fairs held every year. This eleven-day book fair offers more than 400 literary events, including daily poetry readings, book signings, writing workshops, and much more. Are you excited?

The stalls feature many local favourites, such as Arab culture, Arabic books on Sharjah, Arabic art, etc., making this book sale a massive attraction for literature buffs. Oops!

Our mistake! This book sale is not only for book-nerds. Rather, there is something for everyone at this book sale.

Among many things, you will find snacks, food, live cookery stations to offer visitors a taste of scrumptious Arabic food, and, of course! A massive pool of books and books only! Oh! What a heaven for sore eyes!

A lot of book-loving parents bring their children to this book fair to hunt for storybooks, making it an educational and fun activity for every member of the family. Let us see what was new in this year’s book fair, shall we?

Big Bad Wolf Meets Expo Centre Sharjah!

Expo Centre Sharjah 2024 Book Sale had more than 1 million books in its weaponry. The strategic partnership of Sharjah book authority and the world’s largest book sale – Big Bad Wolf, debuts in Sharjah this year. It offered outstanding quality and fascinating books with jaw-dropping discounts on the suggested retail price. This sale started on December 19, 2023, at 12 p.m. onwards and remained open till January 7, 2024, at the Expo Centre Sharjah.

This sale become a haven for everyone, including book enthusiasts, brochure printing services in UAE, food lovers, and almost every other person due to it offering a vast array of activities. This remarkable event broadcasted the first-ever book sale in Sharjah, guaranteeing a huge celebration of publications. All in all, it welcomed a lot of visitors with open arms to explore a cosmos of books at dumbfounding discounts.

Hold Up! What Is Big Bad Wolf?

Big Bad Wolf was set in motion in 2009 by BookXcess founders Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng. The Big Bad Wolf Expo Centre Sharjah 2024 Book Sale was the World’s largest book sale, upholding English literacy and global reading. This globetrotting book sale has toured 15 countries (37 cities to be exact) ever since it was established.

Expanding globally, this book sale has blessed various countries, including the Philippines, Dubai, South Korea, Cambodia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Pakistan, and more, with jaw-dropping discounts.

The purpose of this miraculous book sale is to make books accessible and affordable to everyone. How fascinating! Let us look at the amazing experiences we witnessed during this sale!

Offered Astonishing Discounts

If you have never attended a Big Bad Wolf book sale, then you are in for a massive surprise! The first-time attendees were left astounded by the massive discounts, enabling them to purchase as many books as they could.

Tsk, tsk! Poor souls emptied their wallets but still could not satisfy their inner book lovers. And we cannot blame them, can we? Absolutely not!

All of this happened because, during this Expo Centre Sharjah 2024 Book Sale, people were able to bag books for legit discounts of up to 85 per cent. Dearie me! So, imagine how many people had to live on the streets after spending all of their bank notes during this sale. Ha!

Promised Distinct Experience For Everyone

This is not all, but this Expo Centre Sharjah 2024 Book Sale offered something for everyone. Children from the age of 5 to adults were able to participate in a lot of activities. Book lovers were able to explore quality book Printing Dubai, diverse genres, and everything from children’s books to science-fiction. Indeed, it was a happy hunting ground for every reading enthusiast. If you missed this opportunity, then do not worry! Let us assure you that every visit to the Big Bad Wolf ensures a unique experience for book lovers.

So, whether you are a fan of reading or not, this event offered great opportunities for both. The best part? It was the first time ever that the Big Bad Wolf offered amazing gift vouchers that made an ideal gift for our loved ones.

Free Entry

Are you in for the greatest news? Then listen up! This Expo Centre Sharjah 2024 Book Sale allowed people to witness the best possible deals and the world’s largest book fair for free! What on earth? Are you serious? Yes sir! That is right! There was absolutely no entry fee required. *Happy Tears*

This grand debut was more than a mere book fair. Rather, it symbolised a cultural milestone, immense knowledge, jaw-dropping discounts, and a remarkable opportunity to drench oneself in an environment where stories do come alive. Ah! What a dream!

Which is the largest book fair in the UAE?

Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF 2024) has achieved a new milestone for both Sharjah and the UAE, and it proudly declared its status as the world’s largest book fair for the third consecutive year in terms of selling and buying publishing rights.

How many books are there at the Sharjah book fair?

About 1.5 million titles were showcased at the Expo Centre Sharjah. This impressive array of books brought 600 authors throughout the world to sign their masterpieces.

What is so special about the Expo Centre Sharjah book fair?

The Expo Centre Sharjah Book Fair had something in store for all. It offered accessibility and affordability to book lovers by offering a massive discount of up to 85 per cent. It exposed the audience to different cultures, helped them connect with their favourite authors, deepened their interests in reading and acquiring knowledge, etc.

How long was the Sharjah book fair?

The Sharjah book fair was an eleven-day event and offered its platform to people from numerous age groups and backgrounds to meet and connect with their favourite authors. Moreover, it also encouraged them to buy their favourite titles and pick from an outstanding collection of more than a thousand cultural events. This book fair was a strategic networking platform for many, including librarians, authors, teachers, publishing professionals, and academics.

Summing It All Up!

And this was it! If you were unable to visit the breathtaking stalls of Expo Centre Sharjah 2024 Book Sale, then we are sure you got the idea of what you missed! But worry not! The good news is that this book fair happens every year for book lovers to grab their favourite books without spending a fortune. So, make sure you don’t miss the upcoming ones!

We are sure that you’ll make the most out of these book sales and fill your bookshelves with fascinating titles. Since the Sharjah book fair will happen again in the next year, it is better that you start preparing for it now. So, dust your bookshelves and free up some space for the new books you are about to get. Oh! We are so excited!

Quick tip? We suggest you make a list of all the titles you want to get your hands on. Once you enter this universe of amazing books, it will assist you in sticking to a list only.