Top 10 Picks For The Best Cinema Experiences In Dubai

Top 10 Picks For The Best Cinema Experiences In Dubai

Dubai is a city of life that won’t disappoint anyone regarding entertainment. After a hectic routine and a tiring week, you may want to make your weekend exciting and fun. So, you can watch a movie with your family or friends. If you are a cinephile, you would love to have a great cinema experience in Dubai, but if you are not, the good news is you would still like it. We can’t say anything about the movie you will watch, but we bet you won’t be disappointed by the places mentioned in Dubai.

If you live in Dubai, you can easily plan a movie night out with your friends, as the temperature is relatively high during the day. If you are visiting this city for two weeks or some time, you still have the chance to experience the best! In this blog, we recommend top ten cinemas offering you the best experience in Dubai. So, if you haven’t planned yet, prepare for this weekend!

Top 10 Cinemas In Dubai That Will Offer You VIP Experience                     

Reel Cinema, Dubai Mall

Reel Cinema is one of the top-rated Dubai Mall cinemas that offers the best services with the collaboration of Rove Hotels. If you are a foodie passionate about good movies, this place is for you. This is the boutique cinema with one screen and comfy seats offering mouthwatering snacks and food for you! You also have the choice to select from the different foods listed on the menu.

They offer mouthwatering bites like mini burgers, potato skins & nachos at an affordable price. Starters, salads, pizzas and delicious desserts are all available to treat your taste buds. You can get a luxurious experience at Reel Cinema, Dubai Mall. Besides, don’t worry about the parking as the car park area of Dubai Mall is spacious, so park your car and walk into the cinema.

ScreenX by Reel Cinema Dubai Mall

ScreenX by Reel Cinema Dubai Mall is for the screen buffs as it has a 270-degree screen. It means you are surrounded by screens from three sides. This gives an immersive feeling; people usually feel part of the movie. But only selected films are shown on the 270-degree screen as not all the movies suit such a format. Seats are pretty usual, just like those in different cinemas, but they are comfortable.

Vox Cinemas

Vox Cinemas are among the best Middle Eastern cinemas, offering different kinds of cinemas. It includes Vox Gold, Vox Theatre, Imax, Max, 4Dx, Kids and Outdoor. Each cinema is unique due to its interior, quality services, immersive and rich movie experience, which we’ll discuss below. Talking about Vox Cinemas, it is a place where entertainment knows no bounds.

It has recliner seats that embrace you in comfort and screens that transport you into the heart of the film. It also has sound systems that make every whisper and explosion come alive. Vox Cinemas makes every movie outing memorable with the latest blockbusters, themed screenings, and a menu that offers everything from classic popcorn to gourmet treats.

IMAX Cinemas

IMAX cinemasoffer crystal clear and real-like images with extra cosy seats and an advanced sound system to maximise the feel. You can enjoy movies with Laser for vivid digital images and IMAX Sapphire for excellent pictures and sound. Thus, prepare to be awestruck! This place redefines the very essence of ‘big-screen experience.’ When you step into an IMAX theatre in Dubai, you’re not just watching a movie but diving head-over-heels into the action.

The screen’s sheer size and unmatched clarity pull you into the film’s heart, making every scene unforgettable. The powerful sound system complements the visuals and will make your movie-watching experience incredibly real. Whether it’s the latest Hollywood blockbuster or a nature documentary, IMAX cinemas offer an immersive journey that stays with you long after the credits roll.

Kids’ Cinema

Kids’ cinema is specially designed forkids. With its colourful interior, playful playgrounds, family-friendly movies and party rooms, the kids’ cinema is the favourite for all the kids. So you can take your kids there if they love to watch movies without hesitating about the content. Seats are designed for comfort, and screens are alive with children’s favourite characters and stories. This cinema is not just about showing movies; it’s about creating an environment where age-appropriate films can enthral kids.

Vox Gold

Vox Gold is for those who love to watch movies comfortably and have some delicious food to satisfy their cravings other than the typical movie snacks. The menu is designed by Garry Rhodes so that you can expect something exciting with a gourmet twist. Vox Gold is where you can sink into lavish, plush seats that whisper comfort as you prepare for a movie night.

The ambience displays sophistication, with attentive service making you feel like a VIP. From the carefully selected movies to the gourmet snacks and beverages delivered right to your seat, the entire experience is luxurious. Thus, Vox Gold offers a slice of cinema bliss for those seeking a touch of glamour.

Vox Theatre

Vox Theatre isn’t just another cinema; it’s the best place for movie buffs! The carefully curated selection of movies excels as mere entertainment. It keeps the watcher enthralled with thought-provoking narratives and captivating storytelling. The atmosphere radiates simplicity, with an emphasis on cinematic excellence. The seating arrangement, the ambience, and the sheer attention to detail make Vox Theatre a destination for those who view cinema as an immersive art form.


Hold onto your seats for an adrenaline-pumping experience! 4DX cinemas redefine the term ‘movie watching.’ The seats sway and jolt in sync with the on-screen action, wind blows in your hair, and scents waft through the air, making the movie leap off-screen and into your senses. It’s not just about seeing the film; it’s about feeling it. The immersive effects create an unforgettable ride, adding a new dimension to how you experience movies.

Novo Cinemas

Another good option for movie lovers. Novo 7 Star Cinemas can be found in the Ibn Battuta Malls or the Dubai Shopping Festival. When you enter the cinema, you will be welcomed by the staff in a lounge-style waiting area, given a hot towel to refresh yourself and a selection of your favourite meal from the menu card.

Walking in, you will see red leather seats, and everyone is provided with a cushion and blanket. For food, you can get crepes, salads, pizzas, burgers and ice cream with the usual cinema popcorn and nachos. Whoah! This sounds great!

The Beach

The beach was first opened by The Reel Cinemas in 2014 and taken by Roxy Cinemas in 2017. There are ten screens, and the cinema can accommodate about 1000 people when it is houseful. The Beach also offers some leisure activities, including outdoor activities, shopping, dining and fitness. There are different restaurants within walking distance, so once you finish the movie, it’s time to walk and have some food.

Closing Thoughts

It would not be easy to pick one cinema from the above list. So we suggest you try all of them if you can (if you don’t have kids then you won’t like to visit the kid’s cinemas). Make a list and experience watching movies in different cinemas you want. Trust us, you won’t regret your decision! Which of these cinemas fascinates you the most?

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