How to Customize Football Jersey and Sports Tshirt Designs In UAE

how to customize football jersey and sports tshirt designs in uae

Are you in search of easy steps to customize football jerseys and sports t-shirt designs in UAE?

If yes, then your wait is almost over. As, in this blog, we have listed a 9-step guide to give your sports t-shirt a well-defined and aesthetic look.

We know that football is a game that creates energy and brings people together. Therefore, it is imperative to design a jersey that brings excitement and depicts a true sportsman spirit.

So, without waiting further, just check the steps below and make this year’s football game more personalized and meaningful!

Some Key Steps to Create Wonderful Football Jersey Designs in UAE

Step Number 1: Choose Product First

Designing a custom football jersey UAE is easy, especially if you follow the steps consciously. First, choose the product in whatever software you are designing the t-shirts. You will find thousands of t-shirt styles; among those, select the most preferable and popular among UAE people.

Also, keep note of the weather before finalizing any style. As you know, the UAE temperature is mostly hot; therefore, go for a style that satisfies weather needs, too. The most popular sports t-shirt style in UAE is a round neck. However, you can be experimental with the selection.

Step Number 2: Select Suitable Layout

After selecting a product, you must choose the layout of your t-shirt. You can go for various options, i.e. from Strips to Cross. Also, remember, when choosing any layout, ensure it can incorporate colors representing a particular country. For instance, if you select the Monaco layout, you can embed all UAE flag colors. This will make your design look more appropriate and relevant. Moreover, it’s up to your imagination how you want your design to create an impact.

Step Number 3: Opt for Product Colors

The custom sports jersey in UAE, which is kind of vibrant, attracts people’s attention. Colors play a vital role in lifting the design, style and layout of the t-shirt. Therefore, gather information about every colors and decide the most suitable hues.

Also, it is recommended to opt for country-specific colors. If you are designing something concerning the community who have pre-decided shades, try to embed them in your design in some way or another. This develops enthusiasm among the team members and audience who have come to support a particular team.

Step Number 4: Add Text

Next, you have to add text to your design. You might have seen players’ t-shirts that consist of text. This text could be the name and the number on the back of the t-shirt. Also, to bring creativity on display, you can add team-specific slogans to bring fun and energy to the game.

But, the note here is to always seek inspiration from trending ideas. Moreover, ask people for their opinions. For example, if you are designing a t-shirt for a UAE sports club team, then take their views on your idea. This will reduce the chances of making errors, and you will know what they think and like.

Step Number 5: Select Font and Size

A custom football tshirt looks perfect if the selection of font and its size is done appropriately. When we choose a font which is not readable, it does not make the right impression. Viewers lose interest automatically. Whatever time you have given to the design, style and layout, every effort goes in vain.

Hence, it is important to understand the significance of the right font and size. It is advisable to go for fonts which are simple and unique. Also, select a bigger font size to have prominent text on your football jersey.

Step Number 6: Go For Font Colors

Opt for neutral shades for font colors. This will enhance the appeal of the jersey and will make it look more professional and sporty. Remember, if you selected vibrant shades for the T-shirt, then go for subtle font colors. However, if you have kept your sports jersey quite minimal and light then dark colors will be more appropriate.

Moreover, the tip here is to choose shades in combination or contrast. Further, you can have plain white or wholesome black as a font color to rock your vibrant and subtle t-shirt respectively.

Step Number 7: Incorporate a Logo

Custom sports tshirt comprise of a logo. Thus, incorporating a logo is a must. This acts as a symbol or an identity mark. It represents a particular team. Every team has its identity mark, which it proudly carries.  They are mostly placed on the left chest side of the t-shirt. Also, they are small design elements and do not require large space.

You can simply set their position on the front pocket of the t-shirt. However, if your t-shirt style has no pockets, it’s better to utilize a similar space or position for the logo.

Step Number 8: Embed Sponsors

When designing any sports jerseys, it is a good practice to give credit to the sponsors by allotting them some space on the t-shirt. This gives them an idea that their contribution is valued. Also, it tells about your ethics and conveys a message that you are further interested in having them as your sponsor.

Moreover, this aspect of designing also needs very little space. What you can do is, instead of mentioning the whole name of the sponsor, just embed their logo or a specific symbol which marks their presence and can easily be identified by the viewers.

Step Number 9: Personalize the Design

Lastly, you can personalize the whole design in multiple ways. This is necessary to foster team spirit. The simplest way of doing this is to put the players’ names on the back of the t-shirt horizontally or diagonally.

Also, you can assign numbers to the players in ascending or descending order. Moreover, you can select personalized color or text that create a meaningful impact on the audience and the team itself. Further, after finalizing everything, you could avail yourself of custom tshirt printing UAE or other online service providers to give your football jersey a more personalized and professional touch.


Is printing removable from a football jersey or not?

Yes, you can remove printing from a football jersey by employing rubbing alcohol, nail polish, or adhesive remover. Just soak the part of the cloth which you want to remove printing from, in any of the material, then wait for a few minutes and wash it off with tap water.

What is the most recommended fabric to make football t-shirts?

The most recommended material to make your football t-shirts is polyester. However, it depends on the customer’s preference and needs in which material he wants his shirt to be manufactured.

How many letters can I put on my football T-shirt?

You can put in between eight to ten alphanumerical characters, such as a combination of both alphabets and numbers. Also, you should not overload your t-shirt with text and irrelevant design elements.

Which is the most suitable football jersey material in UAE?

Synthetic fabrics, i.e. polyester, are the UAE’s most preferred football jersey material. Because these materials tend to wick away moisture and are light in weight.  Also, they are a perfect option to be worn in hot as well as dry weather conditions.

Wrap Up!

Well, wrapping it up! Designing is a unique and exciting process if it is done to create energy and spirit. Any sport has an element of thrill and suspense; thus, a top-notch design is needed to complement these elements. The liberty of customization makes it better; re-read the above steps and make the whole procedure easy for yourself. As you know, we glow and feel energized when we do things as per our free will.

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