Driving In Dubai And Its Rules In UAE

Driving In Dubai And Its Rules In UAE

Are you planning to move to Dubai? Awesome! Don’t mind us asking, but “Are you familiar with the driving rules in UAE?”

We are inquiring because when you reach this beautiful city, trust us; you will want to get behind the air-conditioned steering wheel, even if your destination is an 8-minute walking distance. Why?

Oh, silly! Who would want to walk under the scorching hot sun? Don’t you know that the temperature in Dubai exceeds the temperature in hell? Yikes!

However, you must keep in mind that Dubai can have very strict results for those who do not follow the rules of the road. You might end up being deported or behind bars if you ever disobey a law knowingly or unknowingly. Whoops-a-daisy!

So, learn how to drive, and while you do so, why not get familiar with the driving rules in UAE as well to avoid any mishappenings? We think it is a great notion!

Let us begin, shall we?

Rules You Need To Keep In Mind When Driving In Dubai

Know Your Traffic Signs

The first thing any Dubai driving center will teach you is the traffic signs. These signs, similar to those of any other country in the world, help drivers avoid any miscalculations or road hazards. In Dubai, the traffic signs are in both English and Arabic to help the drivers as much as possible.

These signs are present everywhere on the roads and alert drivers about trailblazing, speed limits, parking, and road situations in Dubai. Understanding your traffic signs is the smartest way to steer clear of any traffic fines in the UAE.

Always Keep Your Distance

A lot of drivers in UAE forget to maintain a safe distance while driving. While it seems small, keeping at least a three to five-second gap between your car and the one in front of you can help you avoid much loss. People might try to fill in the safety gap that you maintained, but let them. Don’t let your frustration get ahead of you by becoming tempted to overtake them. Rather, it is wise just to pull back and create that safety gap again. Because, come on! Safety must be your priority here, not overtaking!

Judiciously Use The Fast Lane

If you enroll yourself in the best driving school in Dubai, then those experts will tell you all about the heavy fines that are charged for overspeeding in Dubai. A lot of drivers have to face serious troubles due to exceeding the normal speed limits. Quick tip? Always be aware of the speedy motorcyclists; these busybodies commit this crime more than anyone else, and that too on the fast lane. Oh! Such irresponsibility!

When driving in Dubai, it is not uncommon to see risky lane changes and unsafe maneuvering on the fast track. Geez! Due to the hurried drivers, let us warn you that unwillingly, you might also become a participant in that, but don’t let it become a habit. Stay present and drive attentively. Never become a part of aggressive driving.

Be Careful When It Rains

When driving in Dubai, it is always important to keep an eye on the weather conditions. By doing so, you will know when it is about to rain. As a basic safety measure for driving in the rain in Dubai, try to drive at a slow speed and use car wipers to maintain decent visibility.

Furthermore, we are giving a fair warning to you to keep in mind that the roads in Dubai become super greasy in the aftermath of a cloudburst. To avoid your car from getting uncontrolled while driving in the rain, it always helps to apply your brakes a bit sooner than you would have in normal conditions. This is not all, but maintaining safe distances between your car and the ones in front of you also does the trick to keep you safe. Lastly, don’t panic. We know that you will do great!

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

We would like to repeat one of the most basic driving rules in UAE to highlight its importance! That is always to keep your eyes glued to the road. This is most probably the first thing that you will learn when you sit behind a steering wheel. The multi-lane driving circumstances in Dubai can turn even the most minor mishaps into tragic road accidents.

So, in order to avoid facing any tragedy, keep your eyes open at all times. Observe the road in front of you. And, remember, the side mirrors or the rearview mirror in your car are not for grooming your hair or setting your lipstick. Rather, these mirrors are to be used to keep your eyes on the road. You can take your time getting distracted as soon as you turn off the engine once you are off the road.

Don’t Drive On The Hard Shoulder

When driving in Dubai, it is vital to keep in mind not to drive on the hard shoulder. Never, we repeat, NEVER overtake from the hard shoulder. No matter how many drivers you see doing that, we urge you not to repeat this mistake. If you are learning how to drive from a driving school in Dubai, then you must probably know by now that you could even be slapped with a fine of AED 1,000 if you get caught overtaking from there.

We do agree that sometimes you might get in a situation where you have to pull up your car on the hard shoulder. For instance, if you have a flat tire or any other issues with your car, after pulling up, do not stand idly over there. Rather, it is advised to get behind the safety barrier and call any relevant emergency contacts in Dubai to come to your rescue.

Avoid Rubbernecking

Road accidents are a part of Dubai’s roads. They keep happening every now and then. However, the number of people who get curious and resort to rubbernecking is insane! There is honestly no purpose in doing it. Yet, people do it all the time. Holy guacamole!

So, no matter whether you take guidance from the cheapest driving school in Dubai or self-practice, we strongly urge you never to indulge in rubbernecking in the middle of the road. Not only does it lead to disruption in traffic, but it also causes delays in the flow of traffic and roadblocks. This is not it, but rubbernecking also puts other drivers at risk of getting in any further accidents. Oh no!

Know The Speed Limits

By and large, speed limits on highways in Dubai fall between 100 km/h and 120 km/h. On the contrary, the speed cap for urban roads ranges from 60 km/h to 80 km/h. So, try your level best to stay within these speed limits to steer clear of excessive fines.

If you get caught speeding in Dubai, then you will have to suffer from minor to major consequences. For instance, speeding fines start from AED 300 in Dubai and can go up to AED 3,000. This is not it, but you might also receive black points on your UAE driving license in case of speeding. Shudder!

Don’t Even Think Of Jumping A Red Light

From Kindergarten to driving school, the meaning of red light stays the same – to stop! However, a lot of people still tend to forget its meaning. How disappointing! Whenever you see the bold, flashy red light showing on the traffic signal, put your foot on the brake pedal without even thinking about it.

Jumping a red light in Dubai is a major offense. The roads in this beautiful city are dotted with several intersections, some of which intersect with the tram routes. So, jumping a red light can cause fatal accidents, risking way too many lives. We are sure you don’t want that, do you?

Summing It All Up!

Driving in Dubai – As easy as it sounds, it is a really difficult thing to do if you are not used to driving on fast and large roads with cameras everywhere. You cannot even get away if you make any mistakes. Imagine how challenging that can be. Moreover, when it comes to being on the roads of this large, beautiful city, it is not just about having adequate driving skills but also about staying calm at all times. We are sure that by reading the above-discussed rules of the road in Dubai, you are all set to be behind the steering wheel and roam this enchanting city.

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